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Welcome to Airport Go-Karts
Twitter Issues PDF Print E-mail

Twitter has yet again changed the way feeds are displayed on our website, unfortunatly that means they are currently broken. We are working on resolving the issue and hope to have it live again in the near furture. Please follow the link in "Follow us on Twitter" to see our tweets.

2016 Season Hours PDF Print E-mail

Open Monday - Friday at 4pm, Saturday and Sunday at noon, closing around 10pm, weather permitting. Please call ahead if the weather looks to be a factor.

We are also open at other times by appointment, please call or send us an email with your request.

Welcome PDF Print E-mail

Hello And Welcome to the Airport Go-Karts Website!

We are located at 16208 Brookpark Rd and home to the Largest and Fastest Kart oval in Ohio.

Group discounts and Hourly rentals are available.

Check the FAQ section or give us a call at 216-265-0750 for more info!

Download this file (Airport Go-Karts Info 2014.pdf)Airport Go-Karts Info 2014.pdf[Flyer that has description of Karts, Pricing, and picture of the track.]458 Kb
Pricing Info PDF Print E-mail
2016 Prices
Airport Go-Karts

Home of the largest and fastest Kart oval in Ohio

Celebrating 39 years of racing in Cleveland!

We have two classes of Go-Karts for your driving experience

Rookie Karts
Drivers 54" and taller
Top speed of 18mph
Approximately 10 Laps per race
$5 Per Race, $25 All day pass

Pro Karts
Drivers 54" and taller, 16 years and older
Top speed of 25mph
Approximately 12 Laps per race
$8 Per Race, $60 All day pass, includes Rookie Pass

Please be aware that we cannot put both
classes of Karts on the track at the same time.

We also offer double Karts in both Rookie and Pro classes,
driver to be 18 years and older, passenger between
36" & 54" tall, there is no charge for the passenger.

Pro And Rookie League Racing available

Why ride when you can RACE!

16208 Brookpark Rd, between W150th and Engle Rd
Rentals and Group Discounts PDF Print E-mail
Class Time Exclusive Semi-Exclusive Organizations1
Pro Karts 1 Hour $350 $250 $300
Pro Karts 1/2 Hour $200 $150 $150
Pro Karts 15 Min $100 N/A $75
Rookie Karts 1 Hour $200 $150 $150
Rookie Karts 1/2 Hour $125 $75 $75
Rookie Karts 15 Min $75 N/A N/A









Buy 2 hours and get a 3rd hour at half price, Buy 3 Hours and get your 4th hour free!

There may be a surcharge for Exclusive rentals during our prime times, please call ahead for most current pricing.


Exclusive rentals are just that, you get exclusive use of the track for the time rented. For Semi-Exclusive you get a choice of 6 ten minute exclusive rides, or 4 fifteen minute exclusive rides. How this works is that your group gets exclusive use of the track for the amount of time you have chosen. When your exclusive race is over we will run customers who are holding tickets, usually one group of Rookies, and then one group of Pro's. We will then run your Semi-Exclusive group race and repeat with ticket holders when your race is over. A Semi-Exclusive rental will generally double your time at our facility.


All Day Passes,

8+ Pro Kart Passes, $10 off each Pass

8+ Rookie Kart Passes, $5 off each Pass


Organization and companies presenting a letterhead asking for a discount will receive $1 off each ticket, $5 off each Rookie Kart All day pass, and $10 off each Pro Kart Pass, no minimum purchase required.


All Rules apply during rentals and riders are subject to removal for not adhering to them as well as no refund for any lost time.


1.) Exclusive use only, request must be made on a company letterhead and have the request for the rental date, time, and length on it.


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